About me?

Sandy Milliken, Owner

     I have a Master's degree in Social Work and over 25 years of experience working with families to help them "live their best life."  I began this journey into elder care, support, and advocacy with my own Mother in 2009; and now Mom's big sister, who is 97 years old and living in Florida. 

     I am a member of the national Aging Life Care Association, National Aging In Place Council and its local Charleston chapter.

  • In home assessment for functional ability and safety
  • Coordination of care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Hospital advocacy/discharge plan
  • Advocacy and education
  • Attendance at physician appointments
  • Living transition support
  • Caregiver education and support
  • Liaison between family and professional services
  • Referral and coordination  procuring medical, legal, and financial needs

What are some reasons to seek the help of a professional care manager?

  • You live at a distance and worried there is no one near by to help
  • Your loved one is forgetting to take needed medications
  • Your loved one shouldn't be driving and you are unsure how to stop them from driving
  • You have to choose an assisted living facility or a nursing home.
  • Your loved one is experiencing frequent falls.
  • Your loved one seems to be unable to conduct their activities of daily living (bathing/dressing).
  • Your loved one is showing signs of memory loss or changes in personality

​​How do I get started?

     Generally, the process starts with a phone consultation from a worried family member. Often, that first call is from a family member  trying to  solve  overwhelming problems related to their loved one.  I am here to help sort those out.  Next steps would begin with a visit to your loved one's home and includes addressing those problems, as well as family concerns.  Every situation is unique and there are many facets to planning and creating a road map for the best comfort and care.  

​​Sandy@elderlivingnav.com       P. 843.879.8577

Serving the greater Charleston area

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the Douglas sisters

Mom and Aunt

                            Sadie, Bob, and I are working hard to finish up our website!  

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